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Hello World!!

The world's got lots of stuff in it, & I like discovering all of God's creation (^.^)

A bright blue sky can be seen, with no clouds in sight.
Shining, the yellow sun bursts through the falling leaves.
Though once brightly green and clothing trees,
These leaves now clothe the autumn ground in colors of majesty.
Maples and oaks, firs, and birches, soon to become beautifully barren,
Are enjoying the height of their season with the leaves that have fallen.

They turn from yellow and green in summer and spring,
To red and orange in autumn’s fall.
In summertime, the leaf’s green gives joy to the heart of all;
Yet in the fall,
The reds and browns, oranges, and golds fill the soul to feel serene.
Where can it come from, this feeling so sweet and keen?

Not from the world, for nothing here can wrap one’s soul with warmth.
Only Someone greater, from whom true love can flow.
The trees rustle as winter grows,
Whispering through the breeze, as it goes so slow,
God, the Creator, wishes to say,
“Oh My child, I love you to the eternal day.”